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Welcome to Alif Baa Tuition


At Alif Baa Tuition, our sole aim is to enrich the value of our children's education; we want them to succeed academically, aspire to be the best they can be and walk away with confidence in their own potential. We achieve this by providing an environment that is safe, caring and conducive to learning through our tuition service. Our focus is our pupils and our teaching and learning programmes revolve around their unique and individual needs.

We offer a competitive, professional tutoring service for a wide range of subjects. All our teachers are experienced and qualified tutors with a thirst and excitement for raising achievement and attainment. Alif Baa Tuition service offers group sessions as well as 1:1 tutoring, covering the areas of Bradford, Leeds, Batley, Dewsbury, Halifax and surrounding areas.

We at Alif Baa Tuition use the following teaching techniques:

* Class discussion, use of iPad to make learning more enjoyable, Recitation and oral questions, Crossword and puzzles, Gaming and simulation, Flash cards, Making of posters by students, Story telling, Use of technology and instructional resources.

* Reward stickers and gift handouts to motivate children.

* Reward statements to improve children in their enjoyment, Competence, Cleverness and Growth.

* Weekly planner for parents to track child's progress

* Mid-term and annual progress report

* Examinations & Tests - Scheduling an exam stimulates children to study. It is a rather obvious way to involve children in doing something and getting them to think about what they are doing.

Weekday Course: 
Course 1: Age: 4 yrs - 15yrs
Arabic (Qaidah) Class: Learn the Arabic Alphabets with Makhraj (its place of origin). These classes are designed for boys and girls Age 5 and above. They will also be introduced to basic Du’a¯s, Fiqh, Aqa'id, Morals and Etiquettes & many other fun activities.

Course 2: Age: 7yrs - 15yrs
Juz Amma Class & Qur'an Class: Learn to recite the Holy Qur'an with Tajweed (to pronounce every letter with all its articulate qualities). This will allow every child to practise the accent, phonetics, rhythm and temper of the Quranic recitation. They will also have the opportunity to study various subjects such as; Islamic History, Fiqh, Hadeeth, Du’a¯s, Morals & Etiquettes & other fun activities.

Session 1: Classes will be held from Monday to Friday between 4:45pm to 6:15pm (Spaces subject to availability)

Session 2: Classes will be held from Monday to Friday between 6:15pm to 7:45pm (Spaces subject to availability)

Saturday Madrasah - (For Arabic (Qaidah) & Quran Students) age 5 and above:
These classes have been especially designed for those children who can’t attend Madrasah or Maktab during the week. This is a great opportunity for parents to indulge their children in learning and enhancing Quranic recitation as well as in their Islamic studies. They will be introduced to basic Du’a¯s, Fiqh, Aqa'id, Morals and Etiquettes & many other fun activities.

Classes will run in small group session. Sessions will run on Saturdays from 10am - 12:00pm.

One2one Private Home Tuition:
Keep your child at your local convenient Madrasah/ Maktab during the weekdays and also give them the opportunity to expand their knowledge and studies further with access to qualified Islamic tutors.

We provide 1:1 home tutoring in-and-around Bradford and local areas. Home tutoring is only available on weekends. 1 hour sessions are recommended twice a week. Slots are subject to availability. For more information please contact us.

Maulana Muhammad Ibrahim
Founder & Tutor – Alif Baa Tuition
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Very effective teaching skills

Posted Sunday 30 Nov 2014 12:25 AM
Masha Allah the lesson are very informative and the teachers here are very dedicated. May Allah (swt) bless them with Barakah in all they do.


Posted Monday 24 Nov 2014 10:18 PM
My twin girls Ruby and Rayya have learned a lot from Alif baa thank you very much keep up the good work

Just what I needed

Posted Monday 24 Nov 2014 02:44 AM
I really enjoyed my days at Alif Baa Tuition. The most important aspect for me was to be encouraged at all times and that is exactly what I got. The teacher is brilliant, full of vibrant teaching techniques, full of praises. I learnt a lot during my days there. I would recommend this place to anybody out there In-sha-allah.
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