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We are experts in Classroom and Online training programs which are being offered successfully to trainees in various countries like UK, USA, Australia and India. This Course is specially designed to provide the professional skill set for an Entry Level Web Developer (ASP NET) in the Software Industry. We have Microsoft certified trainers to give students the best and professional knowledge.

Mode of Training’s - Class room (or) Online (your preference). 

Course Contents: 
Introduction to ASP net 4.0 and Dot NET framework, IIS
Html, CSS, Javascript (Basic Introduction)
Object Oriented Programming using C# (C-Sharp)
Software Development Life Cycle models and phases
C# Detailed Overview
Database concepts & RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems)
(with SQL Server)
Controls & use in Web Pages
ASP net Programming with C#
ADO net (ActiveX Data Object) - Connecting to Database
Building Dot Net Applications
Sample Application Development
Introduction to Web Services

Why choose us: 
Support to achieve the Microsoft Certification 
Live Examples 
Competitive price in market (Quality at low prices) 
Excellent Certified trainers 
Assistance in making your CV professional
Help you prepare for Technical Interview 
Post course support 

Main Advantage:
The company provides students or professionals the option to get reference from us when they apply for jobs. Getting a current reference give the advantage to the job hunters in making job applications (specially to graduating students, who don't have experience in this country).  Speak to us for more information.

Course Fee: £299 (Book your seat now with just £100, Pay the balance on start day).

Each and every referral will get 10% cash back. 

Starting salary of ASP.NET Developer is £18-20K in UK. We train to reach you to that level. 
We also offer advanced training for Dot Net.

Contact us Now On: 0 7721 993074. 

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