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Welcome to the Plink page of A P Tuning

We are Car tuning experts in Rochester Kent. if you are looking at having your car remapped by a specialist with many years experience then give us a call.
Your vehicle can be tuned for economy or performance.
Whilst offering Remapping in Rochester, we also offer our services across Kent, london, Essex and cambridgeshire.
Working along with some of the best tuners from around the world we aim to give the best possible service. Every vehicle gets diagnostic check before starting the remapping process.
We specialise in BMW, VW, Audi and Seat but can cater for many more.
Tuning your vehicle is not all about the power gains, it also makes the vehicle more drivable and you'll find you will have a much better throttle response. All we ask is that you try to bring the car or van to us in good running order. i.e do a full service before hand as this will benefit the car and help with the modification that we do to your vehicles ECU software.
We look forward to your future custom.
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Just rejoined VWaudiforum

Posted Thursday 23 Feb 2012 10:57 PM
Well after being away for a while, APTuning is proud to be sponsoring VWaudiforum once again.
We have been working hard to make sure that we can give the right kind of advise and more importantly the modified software to customers with VAG vehicles.
For VWaudiforum members we also offer a £50 discount. So if your not a member yet, please join the forum (it's free). All we ask in return is that you leave feedback on the forum once you are happy with your purchase.
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Welcome To Our News Blog

Posted Friday 15 Oct 2010 09:24 PM
What my customers think of me    
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Mr Edwards, BMW 535d

Posted Thursday 23 Feb 2012 11:07 PM
Well after talking to APtuning I felt satisfied to let them loose on my car, so I went to see them on a sunday morning. They did a few pre tuning checks like diagnostics and check hoses and such under the bonnet before they made a copy of my existing cars software.
After a coffee (very good coffee by the way) and a chat the new software was back and ready to be loaded on my car. Literally 10mins later and it was done and the car fired into life again. Then it was time for a test drive, and OMG what a test drive. The car pulled from lower in the rev range and just didn't stop pulling! The gear changes feel so much better also and best of all I'm getting an extra 4mpg on the motorways which for my job is a bonus. So a big thanks to APTuning for their work and I can recommend that anyone wanting their car tuned/remapped that they should give APTuning a call.
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