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Massage Bristol

Posted Tuesday 29 Nov 2011 09:53 AM
Kett see me here www. Ckthaispamassage. Co. Uk

My name is Kett and I was born in Thailand. I studied at the prestigious Udon Thani Thai School of Massage and Spa, an establishment run by the Ministry of Public Health and renowned for its high standards.

Subsequently, my skills were assessed in State Hospital, from where I gained final certification. I have an excellent command of the language and am now based in Downend, Bristol.

My service is available to both men and women and consists entirely of legitimate Thai massage. Please note that there is no sexual dimension whatsoever. Please dont be shy you are welcome to my home in Dowend i am easy to talk to . Please don't be shy if you have never had a massage before

• Traditional Thai Massage - vigorous and uses little oil; the strength of the massage may be varied according to customer requirements; often proves helpful in reducing aches and pains

• Spa Massage - more gentle and promotes relaxation and restful sleep
• Thai Massage and Spa Massage used together - gives a more gentle full body massage, with aromatic oils, spa and cream being combined in Kae’s unique manner.

If you are suffering from back pain from over doing it in the garden at the week end, or tight shoulders and neck from stress in the office, a DeepTissue Massage will certainly help to alleviate the pain.

If you've twisted an ankle, had a whiplash injury or strained a muscle, Deep Tissue Massage will help speed along the healing process.

If you love your sports and are suffering from tight muscles, sore joints or lacking in flexibility, Deep Tissue Massage will help to get you back in top condition again.

Special Offer: £35. 00 for one hour massage

• Help with problems in specific parts of the body e. G. Feet / shoulder / neck / hands / head, etc. Skilful use of special tools can also reduce hard skin on the hands and feet.

A shower is at customers’ disposal, for use before or after the session.

Charges for first-time customers are shown below:|Discounts apply for regular customers
• Full body Massage - £20 for ½ hour, £35 for 1 hour, £50 for 1. 1/2 hours, £65 for 2 hours.
• Feet and Nails - safely remove hard skin on feet/hands, if necessary, followed by massage of the treated area - £30 for 1 hour, £40 for 1. 1/2 hours, £60 for 2 hours
I look forward to meeting you soon
What the customers say

I have been asked to provide a review for Kae, which I am more than happy to do.

What a most pleasant surprise! Kae works from home, and having now met both her and her husband, I can honestly and 100% guarantee that you'll not find a better Thai masseuse in the Bristol area.

Kae is completely genuine. After suffering for a number of years with pain in my lower back, I have tried all sorts of fixes including visits to the doctor, (expensive visits to) a chiropractor and several other types of massage (which have varied from a light rub (no where near enough to get right into the muscles) to full on sports massage). I can quite honestly say that after my first session with Kae that my back hasn't felt so good in years. It's not fixed, I think it will take a good while before that happens, but my back gets less painful, and aches less after every visit.

I've already recommended Kae to a couple of friends, and I'm quite happy to recommend her to everyone else as well.

Hours of Business
09. 00 – 20. 00, Monday to Sunday

Contact Details
Text Kett to receive a prompt reply, which will provide full address details and directions. |Sorry i will not reply to withheld numbers
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Posted Sunday 27 Nov 2011 05:26 PM
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