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Welcome to the Plink Profile of colourmed. Areas we cover:

I am an Online Alternative Therapist.

I Offer!!Feng Shui||Meditation||Angel Therapy||Colour Therapy||Nutrition Advice||Colour Therapy Healing
I am out going, good humored, full of life.

I am a proud mother of 7 children and most of all, I am devoted to everyone of my them.

In 1997, I started my journey into holistic therapy and as a B.A. Hons. graduate nurse.

Throughout this journey I have become disabled, however; I am not unable to think and

I can act for myself and now, after practicing holistic therapy for almost 15 years, I have

decided to practice my Holistic Therapy online as I love practicing Alternative Therapies

I attempt to honestly apply care for everyone holistically, positively, equally and diversely
How I workI work online, through Skype for meditation and Angel Therapy Healing.

I offer a free consultation to all !!

There is an inquiry form, for all !!

an holistic acknowledgement of your individual care


Meditation is an ancient therapy, thought of by the Guru.Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years.Meditation was once practiced as part of a psychic enhancement.Meditation is practiced to help a person to relax and reduce stress.

Colour Therapy Healing.

Healing with colour therapy could have a big relevance with your moods,which controls your emotions. Together, as a therapies working along with you, a most deserved client, a Colour Therapy Healing could be your solution.We both apply the colour therapy technique by working out how your own individual patterns work for you.

Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is an amazing art that opens the heart and mind of your life and soul.There is no magic, but the applied earthly principals are so effective that it could be thought of as MAGIC. The way they work out your individual Feng Shui plan is to work out your 'Kua Number'. Your Kua Number is worked out by obtaining your individual Kua number.

Angel Therapy Healing.

Angel Therapy Healing we generally work with different angels and saints,clearing and cleansing all our negative vibes. We learn to think positive,act positive and speak positive. This is an opportunity to learn how to pray to obtain the help you need with yourself.


Although I do give nutritional advice along with the other therapies,I can arrange a normal balanced diet, suitable for you and your family.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us on the details above.
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