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Posted Saturday 24 Sep 2011 10:16 PM

Are you sitting comfortably no ? then you need to read this
The LAP SURFER was designed to allow you to use your laptop or notebook in the comfort of your home or work place even the sofa or bed there are no limits to where you can use this fantastic product.
The LAP SURFER allows you to surf in total comfort & incorporates a cushioned comfort pad and retractable rigid anti slip mouse pad and matching utility dock. Designed with raised anti slip Pads to reduce laptop heat without using power. Protecting the user from laptop heat. Lap Surfer aides in prolonging the life of your laptop.

Due to its thoughtful and creative design by a laptop user for a laptop user, the LAP SURFER has become the foremost laptop accessory that can be used on your desk or on your lap in almost any situation.
Use your LAP SURFER freely knowing that LAP SURFER will keep your laptop in a safe comfortable position and aide its cooling Its amazing design will make you want to take it with you where ever you go.

As you can see from the images above the lap surfer can be used at angles up to 50 degrees with out your laptop slipping off this is a result of the Xpads and there anti slip qualities. The retractable mouse dock has a built in anti slip recessed dock to prevent the mouse from slipping off when you remove your hand from it ,And the versatile utility dock can accommodate your phone ,ipod,camera etc to sync files or photos to your laptop with out sliding off on to the floor .
both mouse dock and utility tray retract into the body of the net surfer for storage and small items like usb dongles or card readers can be safely stored in the elasticated pockets front and rear of the cushion.
As many of you will know we do not always use our laptops at a desk but like to surf the net from the comfort of our home now you can work or play on your laptop while sitting in comfort in your favorite chair or comfy sofa . The raised Xpads allow cool air to circulate to the underneath of your laptop helping to cool vital parts prolonging the laptops life and if your a gamer you will appreciate the added cooling

The shape moulding cushion sits comfortably on your lap or table or even your bed where ever you want to use your lap surfer the fire retardant micro beads mould to suit and allow the lap surfer to adopt the best angle for use and with the added benefit of displacing any heat from your laptop.
The fantastic and vibrant colors we use in our coverings are all wipe clean and come in many colors and designs and we are updating the choices every week . If you don't find a color or design you like why not email our design team via our contact page and we may be able to create what you want
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