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Eurasat Limited started life in 1988 in partnership with Eurasat Communications in London. The companies separated in 1990 when we became Eurasat (Sole Trader). The five years between 1994-1999 was mainly spent sub-contracting to cable installation companies and large developers.

With the introduction of digital transmission in the late 1990's and the total lack of interest and belief within the local aerial trade, Eurasat decided to concentrate on this digital market and offer their clients the most up to date TV systems available.

We now have in-house installers covering domestic installations throughout most of the South, from Portsmouth in the East to Dorchester in the West, north as far as Yeovil and Basingstoke. Our vans are equipped with the latest test equipment, capable of measuring both digital and analogue signal levels, and are equipped to carry out any installation ranging from tuning in a VCR & TV to a complete installation and connection of aerial & satellite to each room in the house.

Site work" for developers is carried out throughout the whole of the south from Cornwall to London through South Wales to Oxford with only digital approved aerials, cables and amplifiers being fitted.
Spectrum analyzers are used to assess signal qualities, and a full planning, and installation service is provided. TV, FM Radio, Digital Terrestrial, Digital Satellite, DAB & CCTV can all be incorporated into a distribution system and we would be happy to quote for any size and specification of system

Recent completions have been for integrated reception systems for over 90 properties in the Channel Islands, over 140 TV points in TV shops, a large private development of over 100 properties near Brighton (all fed from one central dish and aerial) TV/FM/Satellite distribution systems on numerous developments both large and small throughout the southern half of the country, as well as upgrades of TV distribution systems on existing blocks of flats and many Sky Digital "Head end" systems on hotels.

Eurasat engineers each have years of experience and have completed recognised training courses in health and safety, working at heights, Radio and TV installations and satellite installations. We have carried out work direct to Sky in Homes Service as Sky digital approved installers as well as Sky Homes. As "PLUSSED" members of the Confederation of Aerial Industries you can be assured of a professional, first class job, covered by a full guarantee and public liability insurance.
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