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Damp Proofing Grimsby and Lincolnshire
Grimsby Damp Solutions is the Lincolnshire's market leader
in damp proofing, waterproofing, timber preservation and wall
stabilization. Our technicians have extensive experience in building
repairs and are CSCS qualified We are Based in Grimsby with Offices in
Lincoln, Hull and Scunthorpe.. Giving you the Local Solution to your
Damp Problem!
Why Should you Choose Us?With Many qualified surveyors and technicians all directly
employed, you can rely on our professionals to complete projects on
time and to an exceedingly high standard.We've been in business for Many Years and gain most of our business through recommendations and repeat business. Our treatments carry a long term Guarantee. Our Guarantee is
Provided by and Insurance Company giving you a Life-Time Insurance
Backed Gaurantee, This is Valid for a life-span of 99Years.. Over the
years we have treated a vast range of properties Grimsby Damp
Solutions is one of the few companies whose guarantees are for
Life!. Lincolnshire coverage: With branches in the full Lincolnshire
area, From Grimsby, Lincoln, Hull and Scunthorpe, we'll have a branch
on your doorstep, and Surveyors to hand with essential local
What is Damp?
Damp is the presence of unwanted moisture or water in a home or
commercial building. The unwanted moisture will affect the buildings
structure. People often associate damp with 'that musty smell' or the
appearance of mould on walls in the home.

Damp problems can affect any building but are often attributed to
poor property maintenance, poor build quality, and the use of low
quality materials. The three main common types of damp are:

Poor maintenance of a roof, walls, floors, windows and doors and pipe work can all lead to damp problems in the home.
What Damp Proofing Services is there?
Our Damp Proofing services include:
Condensation ControlDamp ProofingRising DampSalt Damage Timber TreatmentWet rot and Dry Rot
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