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This shows what Local Link Up does in 5 steps, starting with creating your Keyphrases...

The first thing to do is create the
PPR keyphrases you want your
business found under on Google, using
our interactive Keyphrase Tool...

Note: The prices quoted will only apply
when a keyphrase gets your website on
the first page of Google - If it's not there,
it won't cost a penny!
Next, Register Free with a few details about your business...
Once you've selected your keyphrases, click Sign Up Free to create your profile.

Remember, we guarantee

NO Contract
NO Cost-per-click or Enquiry
NO Fixed Monthly/Annual Costs
NO Commitment
NO Risks.. NO False Promises!

Please note: we do take some bank
details, but do not take any payments
until you are completely satisfied.
Once you are registered, we build your webpage (or plink)...
Your website is created on your domain - ready to display your products & services.

Once your bank details are verified,
we create your web (plink) page on
the domain of your choice and send
you a secure username and password.

This is so you can log in and add or
update your information, blog, gallery,
opening times, monitor your
keyphrases or check and reply to your
email and messages.
When you're happy with your Plink - sit back and enjoy!
We'll be working hard behind the scenes to give your website maximum exposure...
Once all your details are to your
satisfaction, we'll do the rest!

Based on your PPR keyphrases, our
SEO team will continue to optimise your
site so you're getting the best search
results from Google to your plink.

However, you do have more options to
upgrade your Plink and to increase your
customer sales opportunities...
If you want more, we've got plenty of extra tricks up our sleeve...
Upgrade to get a bespoke website, social media, videos, mobile site and more...

Why stop with a Plink - Local Link Up has much
more to improve your online business sales.

With packages such as a fully editable bespoke
website (proDesign) with multiple pages,
Facebook business page, video and
mobile friendly sites - the internet could be your
biggest customer!

For more details, view our movie, or
and start your online revolution.