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Do you have PPI on a credit card/Loan/Mortgage/car finance?

Why pay a claims company when, with our help, you can do this all yourself. !!

Reclaiming PPI has become a little more difficult since the lenders lost their court case and hundreds of people want to claim their PPI back but haven't done so yet for many reasons;
Nervous about dealing with a large financial Institution

Don't really know where to start

Cannot fill in the questionaire as a mistake could be costly

Haven't got any details of the loan

There are many, many more reasons, but help is at hand. We are a claims company who have dealt with reclaiming PPI for around 5 years, and we know how to deal with the lenders. We understand that people do not want to pay our fees but still want to claim their money back. So we have launched our DIY PPI reclaim pack.
There are two services availabe:
1 Complete claims pack and 3 months unlimited e mail support £99
2 Complete claims Pack and 3 months telephone and e mail support £139

3 months is the period where you will have had a final response from the lender.

The pack will contain:
* The PPI Questionnaire
* Claims Letter template
* Guide to completing the Questionnaire
* FSA guidelines to the reasons why PPI was mis sold. ( very useful when completing the pack)
* S77/78 template letter for requesting a copy of your agreement if you don't have it
* Template letter to request all documentation if you cam't find your agreement number

Above all, will ensure that you do the claim correctly and are able to put forward a professional claim to the lender and also claim interest on your money.
Depending on which pack you require, you will also get 3 months unlimited e mail support or unlimited e mail and telephone support for the 3 months it takes to reclaim.
This service will give you total piece of mind that you can reclaim your money with the support and backing of a professional claims company to help you.

If we are offering a service you require, please contact us on 01282 878317.
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