Free your business online with the new look PPR...

FREE to join. FREE website. FREE domain

Plink PPR (Pay per Rank) is FREE to join and includes
a free website and domain - perfect for any business
looking to get noticed online quickly and easily -
You only pay for your search results when you get
on the first page of Google.

PPR is an innovative new service
pioneered by Local Link Up that
gives your business a completely
risk-free way of boosting your target
market awareness via search engine

PPR is an integrated SEO (Search
Engine Optimisation) service where
you only pay for keywords if your
website appears on the top page of
Google for your chosen search

SEO refers to Local Link Up building a
website within the guidelines outlined
by Google and other major search
engines, to improve an individual
website’s rankings. Local Link Up do
not charge for a specific position on
a search engine, and offer no such

How does it work?
PPR customers are introduced to all
the benefits of the Local Link Up
service. You have a Plink profile built
upon a specific web address of your
choice and you can enjoy other
additional features that are not

available with Free Plink, such as
adding to your own gallery of images,
as well as having a more comprehensive
business description written by
Local Link Up’s SEO team.

When signing up you can choose
potentially 100s of key phrases that
you wish to get found for on Google
and other major search engines. Using
the Keyphrase Selector, simply select
all the relevant key phrase terms that
your customers might type in, these
are then added to all the locations you
serve, and the keyword selector auto
generates a quote.

You can then track your keyword
results using the Dashboard when you
log in to your Plink. Remember, you do
not pay a penny for any keyphrase
unless your PPR website appears on
the top page of Google.

Upgrading from FREE Plink
When registering to PPR an existing
FREE Plink customer gets their original
profile upgraded. The Plink is rebuilt by
the Local Link Up SEO team to include
all PPR features and is built under a
new domain name.


Plink PPRs are optimised
to get premium search
results in Google.

Free Domain
and Website

Choose your domain,
then sit back, relax and
we'll set up your website.

Manage your

Use the Dashboard to
manage your content,
view statistics and more.


Crop, edit and show off
your products with the
Photo Slideshow feature.

Quick Question

Get enquiries via your
PPR page at any time to
your preferred contact.


View, send and reply to
all your emails securely
through Message Centre.

Superb SEO - created by you...

Local Link Up write an inital 500 word description for your plink
profile page that will get you started being ranked by Google but then we give you access to add/amend and update your profile as much as you like. There is a superb control panel that gives you access at any time.

Free Website and Domain

All Local Link Up Pay Per Rank packages come with a totally free website and free domain name. Just choose the name you want and in minutes your free website will be live. We also setup a free Microsoft Exchange Mailbox which will work with your website, your phone device or your PC/MAC mail program.

Manage your Content

Local Link Up has spent thousands of hours developing a sophisticated but simple to use website builder. If you can type into Word you can probably use Local Link Up's site editor which is available for our free websites, Pay Per Rank (PPR) websites and our Pro Design bespoke websites.

Photo Slideshow
Add a simple slideshow gallery to your Pay Per Rank (PPR) PLINK website in seconds. No photo resizing or cropping skills are required. The Local Link Up free website editor contains simple tools to create stunning photo galleries easily. Cropping your pictures to look great is easily handled by the Local Link Up sitebuilder tool.

Quick Question feature

No more setting up forms and programming mail scripts. All Local Link Up websites contain a simple quick question box that directs your website's visitors enquiries to your mailbox. This sends you a text message instantly, to let you know the enquiry is there waiting for you.

Message Centre

Whether you take our free website option, our Pay Per Rank Service or our Pro Design custom website product, all Local Link Up's customer get automatic access to their own dashboard which contains a message centre. This message centre will display all emails, enquiries, invoices and much more. Just login to your dashboard and click the Message Centre link.

PPR Features...


Have you got some great new products in stock?
Maybe you’ve a Sale on? Keep your customers
up to date with any new products, services, offers
and events here.


Automatically displays your business address on
a live Google map, which allows you to zoom
in/out and navigate around your location

Profile ID Image

Use your logo, office pic, van or even yourself.
You can add and update any image that
represents you at any time.


A free Local Link Up service which displays
non-competitive businesses in your area, and in
return your ad will display on other LLU Plinks
- a great way of getting potential new customers

Business Description

Add as much detail as you want, when you want
about your business. We will then optimise your
content to enhance your search results.

Hours of Business

Display your opening hours throughout the week.
You can also add extra details such as ‘available
on call’ or Bank Holidays details.

Contact Details

You choose what to display in your contact
details - name, address, mobile, landline,
external website and email address.

Add business contacts

Recommend a business you work with, from a
supplier to your partner’s company - in
return they may recommend you and increase
your business exposure.

Upgrade and also get...


Add a custom made, high quality video
to enhance your online exposure and
increase your company's status.

Facebook business page

Add a Facebook page to your Plink to get
your company onto the largest social network
in the world. Post comments and images with
our custom Facebook Manager.

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