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Nick Weiland is a Surrey based guitarist, Songwriter, Performer, Session Musician and Guitar Teacher. He has been teaching guitar for 5 years now, teaching to over 50 students. Whether they be young or old, inexperienced beginners to accomplished guitarists. He teaches all styles, from Jazz to Classical and in between, but mainly focuses on Rock and Blues music.

He is currently studying at ACM, (The Academy of Contemporary Music, Guildford.) He qualified in 2008 and gained a diploma in contemporary music and performance. He is currently studying for the higher diploma followed by the full degree.

He is registered with RGT ( Registry of Guitar Tutors ) He can enter students for RGT grades and exams.

Nick Weiland has gained his musical experience from going to the jam circuit around Surrey and south London playing with the local bands. He has launched a very successful covers band called, UNDER CUVER a full on rock covers band, playing music from classic rock favourites, prog rock and modern rock hits. If you would like to listen to any examples please go to: UNDER CUVER

Nick's song writing endeavours have resulted in a couple of unpublished songs and an idea for an album entitled Tributes and Experiences. This will have a varied range of styles and soulful guitar playing, as well as some home truths from his past and present experiences. He will also pay his respects, musically, to a few of his favourite artists, hence the name. This album should be ready by March 2011.

Nicks interests other than music are martial arts, mainly tai chi and kung fu. He has grown up as a martial artist since he was 6 years old. Tai chi is a heavy influence on his music. The feeling from playing guitar and doing tai chi are very similar for him; they complement each other very well. Tai chi helps him to relax and helps his focus. Another interest for Nick is the understanding of Taoism. The philosophy and lifestyle behind Tai chi. Learning to live life in a harmonious way with all things.

As for Nick's future within music, he wishes to create an originals band, learn about producing and further his knowledge of music. His main focus apart from his studies is to build his Guildford based guitar tuition and teaching.

Dear Web Surfers,

Hi my name is Nick Weiland I would like to welcome you to this site dedicated to helping beginners and intermediate guitarists.

My aim for users of this website is to begin and further their guitar skills. To understand what should be played and when. For example what scale should be used to compliment what chord? How will I phrase a scale? What is a scale? Etc etc.... All these questions shall be answered as I will try to demonstrate and write lessons and help you guys and girls on the forum.

I would like to wish you the very best in your musical journey.

Yours Sincerely

Nick Weiland
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