ProDesign - get the benefits
of PPR in a bespoke
professional website.

ProDesign offers any business a bespoke, editable,
quality website with all the key PPR features to give
you much more than just a website.

Local Link Up’s ProDesign service
is designed to give customers the
opportunity to make the most of
their online exposure by upgrading
their PPR to a professionally
designed, bespoke website.

What do I get?

When you upgrade to ProDesign, your
business will receive the highest level
of service from our dedicated PD team.
With a bespoke website created by our
expert designers, you can be sure that
you will get a website your business
can be proud of - and we only build the
website once you are 100% satisfied
with what you see!

What happens to my Plink page?

Existing FREE Plink and PPR
customers retain their profiles for use
in the Local Link Up network in addition
to having the ProDesign website built.

We will automatically add a link from
your Plink to your ProDesign site the
moment it goes live.

By retaining your Plink profile, you can
still enjoy the benefits of all your
existing keyphrases, as well as
benefiting from multiple pages, better
SEO and a far more professional shop
window for customers to view your
business services in detail.


Plink PPRs are optimised
to get premium search
results in Google.

Free Domain
and Website

Choose your domain,
then sit back, relax and
we'll set up your website.

Web Design

Our expert web designers
will create a bespoke site
to your preferences.


Professionally add, crop
and edit products shots in
the Gallery feature.

Manage pages
and Content

Use our online Control
Panel to add pages, edit
text or update images..

Optional Flash

Get some action in your
ProDesign website with
Flash animation.

Superb SEO - created by you...

Local Link Up will help you write suitable text for your Pro Design bespoke website that will get you started being ranked by Google but then we give you access to add/amend and update your profile as much as you like. There is a superb website editor that gives you access to your content at any time.

Free Website and Domain

All Local Link Up Pay Per Rank packages come with a totally free website and free domain name. Just choose the name you want and in minutes your free website will be live We also setup a free Microsoft Exchange Mailbox which will work with your website, your phone device or your PC/MAC mail program.

Bespoke, professional design

Local Link Up have a team of dedicated design professional to create you a stunning custom website design. Our bespoke website design service will give your business the professional look that you need to impress your potential customers.

A Professional Gallery

Create unlimited galleries on your bespoke website. No photo resizing or cropping skills are required. The Local Link Up website editor contains simple tools to create stunning photo galleries easily. Cropping your pictures to look great is easily handled by the Local Link Up sitebuilder tool.

Easy Page & Content Management

Local Link Up has spent thousands of hours developing a sophisticated but simple to use website builder and content management system. If your computer skills stretch to writing an email you can probably use Local Link Up's site editor which is available for our Pro Design bespoke websites.

Optional Flash Animation

Enhance your website still further with Flash animations or applications. Local Link Up's sitebuilder has Flash built right in so you can add your creations directly to your website at no-cost however we also offer an additional Flash animation creation service for a small charge.

Upgrade and also get...


Add a custom made, high quality video
to enhance your online exposure and
increase your company's status. It's like
having your own TV commercial.

Facebook business page

Add a Facebook page to your Plink to get
your company onto the largest social network
in the world. Post comments and images with
our custom Facebook Manager.

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