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Rolls Royce Vehicle Inspections

If you are thinking of buying a used Rolls Royce you want the peace of mind of knowing you are making the right decision and that’s why you need someone you can trust to give you expert advice. Alternately, if you have recently purchased your Rolls Royce and you need to find out if there is any work that needs doing, or that you should consider for the future.

Why do you want an inspection?After a few simple questions you will need to arrange a convenient time and date with our service communicator for us to see your car and carry out an in-depth inspection. If you are hoping to buy a car and time is of the essence, we will do our very best to accommodate you as quickly as possible.

On the ground. Start of the inspection, checking that all the lights are working correctly and inspecting all lenses for chips or cracks. Inside the car checking all the cockpit instrumentation and switches and complete a general inspection of the interior including seats, seat belts and trim.

The general check up On a workshop ramp up halfway, checking all ball-joints, suspension, steering, remove the road wheels and inspect your tyres for wear, tear and irregularities. At this point we check and measure the brake discs and pads, the calipers, brake hoses, drive shafts and anything that may be housed in the wheel arch such as air conditioning condensers, oil coolers and oil lines.

The view from down under. Car is sent up on the ramp to its maximum height where we can carefully inspect the underbody, chassis, fuel lines, gearbox and examine the engine for leaks. Next check the exhaust system, all mountings, roll bars and have a good general look around for anything that will need to be reported.

Your car is then taken on a test drive. Driving, particularly in rush hour traffic can be difficult, but test drivers are very careful and safe at all times, whilst still making sure that the car is performing as it should.

What’s the verdict? Any new information gathered from the test drive is now added to the information that we already have to produce a final report. You will be contacted to explain the report to you, making sure you fully understand it. Answering any questions you may have and advise you of the cost of any work the car may need now or in the future. You will receive a written report in the post/email to confirm of the assessment of the condition of the vehicle.
Rolls Royce Problems

Dim headlights on engine idle
Rolls Royce check engine light on
Injection System Warning Light
Fails Emissions Test
Automatic Locks Not Working
Tyres vibrate
Leak in coolant system
Loud Engine Noise
Battery Keeps going flat
Engine Overheating
Judder when braking
No pick up for first gear
Rolls Royce Immobiliser
Engine Idle Surge
My Rolls Royce Won't Start
Thrust bearing worn
slave cylinder leaking
Clutch slips if revved hard
Vacuum Leak
Flywheel Vibrating
Seatbelt Locked
Slipping when cold
Front Tyres wearing quickly
Heater Not Working
Fuse keeps blowing
Corroded Brake Pipes
Clutch slips at high revs
Knocking sound
White Smoke From Exhaust
Spongy Brakes
Excessive oil consumption
My Rolls Royce Does Not drive Straight
Clutch juddering
Engine Pings or Knocks
Coolant Leaking
Cylinder head leaking
Rolls Royce Lights not working
Tyre inside edge wears quickly
Low Brake Pedal
Engine Idles Rough
No Power When Accelerating
Clutch pedal on floor
Engine Misfires
Engine Stalls
Warning Lights On
Clogged Rolls Royce air filter
Can't get into gear
Air Conditioning Not Working
master cylinder leaking
Engine Oil Warning Light On
Timing Belt Loose
Poor Fuel Economy
Rolls Royce Headlights not working
Steering Pulls To One Side
Rolls Royce Check Engine Light On
Engine Won't Start
Blocked Fuel injectors
Tyre outside edge wears quickly
Clutch Won't work
Rolls Royce Radiator fan not working
Brakes Pull To One Side When Braking
Engine Temperature Warning Light On
Power steering feels stiff
Noisy Brakes
Blue Smoke From Exhaust
Rolls Royce keeps stalling
Window stuck
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