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The Licence Centre are a well established driver training company based in Dorset.

With years of experience and courses available for virtually every domestic and commercial vehicle, you could not be in safer hands than with the Licence Centre.

So if you are looking for a new career in driving or simply looking to refresh your existing skills or licences, simply give us a call or send us a quick message above.

Below is a list of all the courses and areas we cover:

LGV training Bournemouth, LGV training Poole, LGV training Blandford, LGV training
Dorchester, LGV training Weymouth, LGV training Dorset, LGV training
Southampton, LGV training Hampshire, LGV training Wiltshire, LGV training
Somerset, LGV training Salisbury, LGV training Portsmouth

HGV training Bournemouth, HGV training Poole, HGV training Blandford, HGV training
Dorchester, HGV training Weymouth, HGV training Dorset, HGV training
Southampton, HGV training Hampshire, HGV training Wiltshire, HGV training
Somerset, HGV training Salisbury, HGV training Portsmouth

Lorry training Bournemouth, Lorry training Poole, Lorry training Blandford, Lorry
training Dorchester, Lorry training Weymouth, Lorry training Dorset, Lorry
training Southampton, Lorry training Hampshire, Lorry training Wiltshire, Lorry
training Somerset, Lorry training Salisbury, Lorry training Portsmouth

Coach training Bournemouth, Coach training Poole, Coach training Blandford, Coach
training Dorchester, Coach training Weymouth, Coach training Dorset, Coach
training Southampton, Coach training Hampshire, Coach training Wiltshire, Coach
training Somerset, Coach training Salisbury, Coach training Portsmouth

Rigid training Bournemouth, Rigid training Poole, Rigid training Blandford, Rigid
training Dorchester, Rigid training Weymouth, Rigid training Dorset, Rigid
training Southampton, Rigid training Hampshire, Rigid training Wiltshire, Rigid
training Somerset, Rigid training Salisbury, Rigid training Portsmouth

Arctic training Bournemouth, Arctic training Poole, Arctic training Blandford, Arctic
training Dorchester, Arctic training Weymouth, Arctic training Dorset, Arctic
training Southampton, Arctic training Hampshire, Arctic training Wiltshire,
Arctic training Somerset, Arctic training Salisbury, Arctic training Portsmouth

CPC training Bournemouth, CPC training Poole, CPC training Blandford, CPC training
Dorchester, CPC training Weymouth, CPC training Dorset, CPC training
Southampton, CPC training Hampshire, CPC training Wiltshire, CPC training
Somerset, CPC training Salisbury, CPC training Portsmouth

Car training Bournemouth, Car training Poole, Car training Blandford, Car training
Dorchester, Car training Weymouth, Car training Dorset, Car training
Southampton, Car training Hampshire, Car training Wiltshire, Car training
Somerset, Car training Salisbury, Car training Portsmouth

Bike training Bournemouth, Bike training Poole, Bike training Blandford, Bike training
Dorchester, Bike training Weymouth, Bike training Dorset, Bike training
Southampton, Bike training Hampshire, Bike training Wiltshire, Bike training
Somerset, Bike training Salisbury, Bike training Portsmouth

Motorcycle training Bournemouth, Motorcycle training Poole, Motorcycle training Blandford,
Motorcycle training Dorchester, Motorcycle training Weymouth, Motorcycle training
Dorset, Motorcycle training Southampton, Motorcycle training Hampshire, Motorcycle
training Wiltshire, Motorcycle training Somerset, Motorcycle training Salisbury,
Motorcycle training Portsmouth

DAS training Bournemouth, DAS training Poole, DAS training Blandford, DAS training
Dorchester, DAS training Weymouth, DAS training Dorset, DAS training
Southampton, DAS training Hampshire, DAS training Wiltshire, DAS training
Somerset, DAS training Salisbury, DAS training Portsmouth

Car & Trailer training Bournemouth, Car & Trailer training Poole, Car & Trailer training
Blandford, Car & Trailer training Dorchester, Car & Trailer training
Weymouth, Car & Trailer training Dorset, Car & Trailer training
Southampton, Car & Trailer training Hampshire, Car & Trailer training
Wiltshire, Car & Trailer training Somerset, Car & Trailer training Salisbury,
Car & Trailer training Portsmouth

ADR training Bournemouth, ADR training Poole, ADR training Blandford, ADR training Dorchester, ADR training Weymouth, ADR training Dorset, ADR training Southampton, ADR training Hampshire, ADR training Wiltshire, ADR training Somerset, ADR training Salisbury, ADR training

CBT training Bournemouth, CBT training Poole, CBT training Blandford, CBT training Dorchester, CBT training Weymouth, CBT training Dorset, CBT training Southampton, CBT training Hampshire, CBT training Wiltshire, CBT training Somerset, CBT training Salisbury, CBT training

Midas training Bournemouth, Midas training Poole, Midas training Blandford, Midas training Dorchester, Midas training Weymouth, Midas training Dorset, Midas training Southampton, Midas training Hampshire, Midas training Wiltshire, Midas training Somerset, Midas training
Salisbury, Midas training Portsmouth

minibus training Bournemouth, minibus training Poole, minibus training Blandford, minibus training Dorchester, minibus training Weymouth, minibus training Dorset, minibus training Southampton, minibus training Hampshire, minibus training Wiltshire, minibus training Somerset, minibus
training Salisbury, minibus training Portsmouth

defensive driving training Bournemouth, defensive driving training Poole, defensive driving training
Blandford, defensive driving training Dorchester, defensive driving training
Weymouth, defensive driving training Dorset, defensive driving training
Southampton, defensive driving training Hampshire, defensive driving training
Wiltshire, defensive driving training Somerset, defensive driving training Salisbury,
defensive driving training Portsmouth

Fleet Driver driving training Bournemouth, Fleet Driver training Poole, Fleet Driver training Blandford, Fleet Driver training Dorchester, Fleet Driver training Weymouth, Fleet Driver training
Dorset, Fleet Driver training Southampton, Fleet Driver training Hampshire, Fleet
Driver training Wiltshire, Fleet Driver training Somerset, Fleet Driver training
Salisbury, Fleet Driver training Portsmouth

Forklift training Bournemouth, Forklift training Poole, Forklift training Blandford, Forklift
training Dorchester, Forklift training Weymouth, Forklift training Dorset, Forklift
training Southampton, Forklift training Hampshire, Forklift training Wiltshire,
Forklift training Somerset, Forklift training Salisbury, Forklift training

Advance training Bournemouth, Advance training Poole, Advance training Blandford, Advance
training Dorchester, Advance training Weymouth, Advance training Dorset, Advance
training Southampton, Advance training Hampshire, Advance training Wiltshire, Advance
training Somerset, Advance training Salisbury, Advance training Portsmouth

SAFED training Bournemouth, SAFED training Poole, SAFED training Blandford, SAFED training Dorchester, SAFED training Weymouth, SAFED training Dorset, SAFED training Southampton, SAFED training Hampshire, SAFED training Wiltshire, SAFED training Somerset, SAFED training
Salisbury, SAFED training Portsmouth

7.5 tonne training Bournemouth, 7.5 tonne training Poole, 7.5 tonne training Blandford, 7.5 tonne training Dorchester, 7.5 tonne training Weymouth, 7.5 tonne training Dorset, 7.5 tonne training
Southampton, 7.5 tonne training Hampshire, 7.5 tonne training Wiltshire, 7.5
tonne training Somerset, 7.5 tonne training Salisbury, 7.5 tonne training

Ambulance training Bournemouth, Ambulance training Poole, Ambulance training Blandford, Ambulance training Dorchester, Ambulance training Weymouth, Ambulance training Dorset, Ambulance training Southampton, Ambulance training Hampshire, Ambulance training Wiltshire, Ambulance training Somerset, Ambulance training Salisbury, Ambulance training Portsmouth

PCV training Bournemouth, PCV training Poole, PCV training Blandford, PCV training Dorchester, PCV training Weymouth, PCV training Dorset, PCV training Southampton, PCV training Hampshire, PCV training Wiltshire, PCV training Somerset, PCV training Salisbury, PCV training

PSV training Bournemouth, PSV training Poole, PSV training Blandford, PSV training Dorchester, PSV training Weymouth, PSV training Dorset, PSV training Southampton, PSV training Hampshire, PSV training Wiltshire, PSV training Somerset, PSV training Salisbury, PSV training
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