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From the Executive TeamOne of the most popular and easiest ways to share your Sherlock business with others, starts with a simple question, “Have you ever wanted to make money online?” Almost everyone says, yes!
Let’s take a moment in time and answer this underlying question-“Well, why haven’t they?” It’s usually because they feel that they don’t have the time, money, or know how to do it.
As a Sherlock distributor, you know, the Sherlock changes all that! The Shopping Sherlock app is opening the door to online Affiliate marketing for the masses.
This is all the more significant since the Global e-Commerce Marketplace (per Goldman Sachs) is expected to reach nearly $1 trillion dollars in 2013. This transfer of wealth from physical stores to the Internet constitutes the greatest shift in wealth in the history of the world.
The question is, will only large companies like Amazon and Google profit from this transfer of wealth or will others be able to benefit from this transition. The answer to this question is; yes! There are currently many Internet marketing professionals making good incomes online. In fact, according to AffStat’s 2010 survey, 10% of Internet Marketers are making over $5,000 per month and the top 4% make over $15,000 a month.
Obviously there is money to be made in e-Commerce but unless a person or small business has deep pockets, specialized knowledge, or experience; like those Internet Marketers surveyed in the AffStat report it is unlikely to happen.
However, Shopping Sherlock is changing that. Instead of taking the path of the traditional online Affiliate where you have to build a Website, find products to market, and advertise to drive traffic to your site. The Shopping Sherlock Affiliate just gives away Sherlock Apps to people they come in contact with, which creates Sherlock Users and subsequently as these Users/Customers use their Sherlocks they generate Sherlock Usage Income for the Sherlock Affiliate/Distributor.
Here’s how Sherlock Usage Income works. When a Distributor purchases a Sherlock Systems License they have the right to give away an unlimited number of Sherlock Apps for free. As their Customers use the Sherlock to shop at the affiliated Merchant sites listed on the Sherlock, their activity is tracked by each Merchant partner. The Merchants run this traffic through their system of algorithms to determine if these transactions/clicks are Valid Shopping Activities. The Sherlock Usage Activity that is considered Valid by the Merchant is tracked back to the Master ID that each Merchant has for Best In U, Inc..
The Sherlock Usage income from each Merchant partner of Best In U, Inc. is collected in the Best In U, Inc. Master account and is paid out to each Sherlock Distributor based upon the Quality and Quantity of traffic generated by the Sherlock Apps they have distributed.
Each Distributor’s Sherlock Usage Activity is tracked in their Back Office under the “New Sherlock Manager” link. The Shopping Sherlock system analyzes the Usage Activity of each Sherlock to insure that this activity is within the guidelines of the MSG Terms and Conditions. All Sherlock Usage Activity that meets these parameters counts toward the payout of the Distributor’s Sherlock Usage income. Any Sherlock Usage Activity deemed Valid by Best In U, Inc. from any site listed on any Sherlock whether or not that Merchant deemed the Action/Activity Valid will count toward that Distributor’s payout from the Sherlock Usage Income Account.
During a given month a commission can be earned from an online Merchant partner of Best In U, Inc. such as Amazon, Bizrate, or Big Fish Games, due to activity generated from a Sherlock User. Thirty days later those commissions are then forwarded by the Merchant to the Best In U, Inc. Master Account. Thirty days after receipt of the merchant settlement to the Best In U, Inc. Master Account, the income from the transactions over that entire month is divided among the Distributors based on their Sherlock Usage Activity Numbers.
All Affiliate Merchant commissions are paid to an Best In U, Inc. Master IDAt Least 50% of the monthly commissions in the Master Account are paid out to DistributorsMonthly Sherlock Usage commissions are paid out evenly to Distributors based on their valid monthly Sherlock Usage numbersShopping Sherlock tracked 1,150,000 Sherlock Usage clicks in December 2011Each Distributor has Dynamic Sherlock Usage Tracking in their Back OfficeKnowledge is power, now with a more in-depth scope of earning income online- the next time you have a brief opportunity to share the Sherlock and you ask, “Have you ever wanted to make money online?” and as they say, YES, remember you REALLY do have the ANSWER FOR THE MASSES- It’s YOUR Shopping Sherlock!

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