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What is Free Advertising

Our free advertising product is called "Free Plink" and is an interactive profile page that provides free advertising to customers online. By registering a Free Plink, a business receives free online advertising, including their own profile page that they can customise and update as easily as with a social networking profile, like Facebook.

Every Free Plink member can upload their own profile picture or company logo, contact details and a description for the business. It also allows a business to display their hours of business and any forthcoming events they wish to keep their customers aware of. Other features include a free blog that can be updated at any time and a section where customers can leave their own reviews on the Plink profile of the business. Free Plink is one of the best sources of Free Advertising for a business today.

Businesses who have joined Local Link Up and who are enjoying the Free Advertising benefits can also search our network locally, regionally or nationally and can request to link to other businesses. Members can choose to display some of their link partners, or people you work with, on their profile page, in return for the same exposure on their profile page.

FREE Advertising

Local Link Up has over 20,000 registered members throughout the UK and is increasing daily. The free advertising method is simple - The more businesses take up a Plink product, the better the opportunities arise for each Local Link Up member to target a wider network of related customer audiences, either by automatically advertising or linking up with these businesses. For example, a baker who specialises in wedding cakes may be able to automatically display their services on a local wedding photographer's Plink page. Online advertising shouldn’t cost the earth and it doesn’t with Local Link Up.

Local Link Up’s network is unique. There are other free advertising propositions but none that provide a comprehensive network that connects you to other complimentary businesses. Free advertising is available to every business and there are no strings or catches. Approximately 10% of our free customers sign up to one of our paid products and that how we make money but there is no obligation for you to leave the other 90% who are enjoying totally free advertising. If you like our free product (and we do too) then stick with it and enjoy free online advertising. If your business has a larger budget you may wish to consider our paid product called Plink Plus.

Free Website Advertising

Local Link Up provides all our customers with a free domain name and a free website that is sophisticated and allows for blogging, regular content updates and uploading photo galleries of your work.  A free website advertising package provides great opportunities for local online advertising for your business.

The Adbox

Each business that joins the Local Link Up network is also given an Adbox to further enhance the free advertising message. The Adbox carries a short message from another network business promoting their services if they are not in competition with yours or are complimentary. Every time your plink displays an advert you earn one free advertising credit which is then automatically spent by our system to get you an advert on another members Plink or Pro Design website. Again, further totally free advertising for your business.

Businesses use Link Credits each time their message is displayed in another Plink’s Adbox, and earn Link Credits for every visit they get to their own Plink page. The Adbox has already proven to be extremely popular with our membership and is generating 1000s of hits to our customers every day.

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