Extreme Support - beyond
all customer support...

When it comes to looking after our
customers, we like to go the extra mile!
Our team are a friendly, hard working -
and are fanatical about getting the best
results possible for our customers.

Local Link Up's Extreme Support
Team pride itself on maintaining a
strong and professional relationship
with their customers. Whether you
are a PPR customer or a Pro Design
customer, we will be more than happy
to help you with any questions or
issues you may have with our service.

What makes us stand out
from the crowd?

Local Link Up work on an ethos of
being pro-active not reactive when
it comes to providing the best after
care service for our customers.

All our Extreme Support Team are
regularly trained in dealing with
customers swiftly and efficiently.

As well as having the SEO know-how
to get maximum exposure for all our
Plink business members.

Unlike other online providers who
concentrate on getting the initial sale
and then moving on to the next, we
understand that the best way to wow
our customers is by providing a first
class service that gives them confidence
to go on to invest in our premium services

Like any business, if you do a good
job for a customer, they come back to
you in the future. Just as importantly -
they tell friends and other business
colleagues how good your service is!

Most Popular FAQs

  • What is a Plink?

    Local Link Up Plinks are a fast growing source of “content rich” micro web sites allowing businesses to accelerate product and service information to the fore front of the web in rapid time. A Plink is a short name for a Public Link page, which is essentially a web site profile of your business on the internet. Your Local Link Up Plink is built on a domain name of your choice and contains contact details, a company description, maps, an image gallery, customer reviews and a blog, all of which are the core elements to providing you a social networking service for your business.
  • What is PPR?

    PPR is an acronym for “Pay Per Rank”, a revolutionary service exclusively offered by Local Link Up. PPR gives you a completely risk-free opportunity to put your business on the 1st page of Google, and in front of your target audience when they search for specific key phrases in relation to your industry or business. PPR is a totally unique and fresh approach to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) whereby you can set a maximum monthly budget out of which you will only “Pay Per Rank” for the key phrases, that your website appears on the 1st page of Google.
  • How do I change Key Phrases on my account?

    A major benefit to Local Link Up’s PPR is flexibility and how it can be tailored to your own business requirements. You can amend your key phrases in the first instance by using our Key Phrase Demonstration Tool and following the 3 easy steps to generating a brand new quote for your account, you will then be given a unique reference number. With the reference number you should then either contact your Account Manager directly or our Support team on 01524 230250. All of our Account Managers have access to current search figures and data, so that they can provide guidance and advice on popular and in demand search phrases, allowing you to market your PPR service to your target audience.
  • How does Local Link Up work, what exactly am I paying for?

    Local Link Up may seem complex at first, but is actually quite a simple service to understand once we highlight some of the core features...

    i) We will build you a Key Phrase Quote – this will be the initial framework that your advertising campaign is built around, we will identify and discuss with you Key Phrases that your potential customers have previously typed into search engines, such as Google. Your Account Manager has access to updated information and figures as to how many people search for specific words, phrases and locations every month. From this your Account Manager will be able to advise you and recommend a campaign to get your business in full view of your target audience.

    ii) We build your Plink on a domain name of your choice – this will then be created within 5 days of your order being taken and built around the pre discussed Key Phrase campaign. Upon your Plink going live we will send you a text and an email to notify you of this. From here on your Plink is submitted to major search engines including Google, in order to index your Plink and all the content it contains about your business. Over the following days and weeks Google will begin to rank your Plink in the search results for the Key Phrases in your campaign.

    iii) Monthly Key Phrase Statement generated - Local Link Up will monitor your Plinks performance by running weekly checks against all of your selected Key Phrases and how they rank in Google. For all of your phrases that appears on Page 1 of Google we will compile them in your monthly Key Phrase Statement. Your statement will then be issued on the 1st working day of the calendar month detailing every phrase that has appeared on Page 1 of Google the previous month. The Key Phrase statement can then be accessed via the Dashboard on the Navigation Panel of the Management Console, the statement will then show a complete breakdown of every phrase with an itemised cost and total due cost for the selected month. Over time you will have access to an archive of statements allowing a complete retrospective view of performance and cost.

    iv) Monthly Payment of Service – Two weeks after your Key Phrase statement is generated, Local Link Up will take payment via your Direct Debit agreement for any payments due.
  • What's a ProDesign?

    Many of our customers are so impressed with the results they get but they want a more professional custom website. That's where ProDesign comes in. Our designers create a custom design that you approve and build you a great looking website. What's more like all Local Link Up products you can login easily afterwards and make as many changes as you like in our free site editor tool. See the ProDesign section for more info.
  • My expert/my web designer/my SEO man said your service can't work etc!

    They would wouldn't they. It's amazing how many "experts" don't like what we do because Local Link Up has shaken up the market and ruffled some feathers.

    We give you a huge value package and charge nothing unless we can get you results on Google, how can that not work? The competition clinging on to their old outdated charging schemes are worried because they still want to keep charging up-front fees etc because their business models won't work without them. Local Link Up has managed to offer this scheme because we get results and our customers stay with us! What you should be asking is why they want your money up-front or to get you to sign a contract?

    We have over 30,000 paying subscribers each month. It's no accident, it's because the service works but what's the risk for you if you sign up and we dont get you first page rankings, absolutely nothing, zero, zilch! We won't charge you are penny if your website doesn't get ranked on Google and if only a few of your chosen phrases rank you will only pay for those and not a penny more.

    It's by far the fairest charging model for any SEO advertising service out there today. Give it a try and make up your own mind.
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