Okay, your PD
website looks
great on your computer...

But how does it
look on your
mobile phone?

...not so clear?

With MoPD, view your
website with ease on
mobile phones - and get
closer to your customers!

Easy to Navigate
Clearer buttons on your mobile, without tripping over your thumbs!
Instant Contact
Clickable contacts so customers can get in touch instantly.
Bigger Maps
Show your location with, large, clear Google Maps and address details,
Order on the go
Easy to fill enquiry forms to encourage customers to buy.

Reasons to go MoPD...

By 2013, more searches for businesses will be
executed through mobile devices than PCs

Mobile internet has grown 400% in 12 months

One-third of the world’s population currently has
access to the Internet through a mobile device.

Websites that are not mobile friendly receive
around 5 seconds of coverage before a customer clicks off

95% of mobile internet users have searched for a
local business using their mobile device

50% of mobile searches end in a purchase

Easy to Navigate

When viewing a full website on a mobile, you’ll notice how difficult it can be to navigate or read it without zooming in to the page. MoPD removes this problem by using your current website content but simplifying the interface and layout with large buttons and one column of text for easy access. This also significantly reduces load time, meaning faster connectivity for your customers.

Instant Contact

Sometimes even trying to find a contact number of a business on a webpage isn’t obvious. MoPD gets round this by creating an easy to find contact button that can either call the business on click or save your details in their contact list.

Bigger Maps

With MoPD, it’s much easier to view your location. Just a click of a button will take you a full sized Google Map showing your business clearly marked with the address details.

Enquire on the go

With MoPD, encourage your customers from the hugely populated mobile internet market to purchase your products or services direct from the phone. With just a a simple click, customers can send an email, message, enquiry, or order from you - increasing the chances of generating more sales.

Fully Editable

As with your ProDesign, your MoPD site is fully editable, meaning that you can log in at any time to update your content, add extra pages or images as and when you need to. Whether you’re a absolute novice or budding designer, our visual interface makes it easy to make changes, preview and save your pages.

Upgrade and also get...


Add a custom made, high quality video
to enhance your online exposure and
increase your company's status.

Facebook business page

Add a Facebook page to your Plink to get
your company onto the largest social network
in the world. Post comments and images with
our custom Facebook Manager.

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